The Sunroom - Or Is It a 3-Season Room?

by Valarie Moody

Not Sure What to Call It

I keep referring to the Sunroom, the 3-Season Room, the Rec Room, etc.  It's basically a really great room added onto the garage with lots of windows that overlooks the back yard.  Whatever you call it, it's a really great space.

sun room back yard view door rehab therapy tom and val moody Reliv distributors

sun room back yard view rehab therapy reliv distributors tom and val moody

The dark green has to go, though.  This space begs to be cleaned up and freshly painted to go along with the colors of the house.  

sun room dark green interior rehab therapy Tom and Val Moody Reliv distributors

dark green sun room interior rehab therapy Tom and Val Moody Reliv distributors

Start with Clean Walls

I grabbed the portable shop vacuum and pulled up as much dirt and cobwebs as I could off the walls and windows.  I then scrubbed the walls for a good hour or so with a rage and water.  It appeared that the previous owners hadn't used the space in quite a while, so getting the surface to a clean base was a priority.

We'll go back and thoroughly clean the windows just before we put the house on the market.  No sense getting them clean now just to have them dirtied again through summer rainstorms.

To Paint the Rafters or Not to Paint the Rafters?

Tom and I first talked about painting the entire ceiling white, as we did in the basement.  But the ceiling here is pretty high, and the rustic look of the wood is charming.  So we opted to paint just the lower beams white and see how it looks.

Sun room ceiling painted white beams in rafters rehab therapy Tom and Val Moody Reliv distributors

sun room ceiling rafters painted white beams rehab therapy Tom and Val Moody Reliv distributors

 Painted Trim Needed Two Coats

After painting the rafters, I attacked the trim.  The green is so dark and overwhelming that the trim needed two coats of white to look solid and complete. In some places, mainly the door trim, I applied three coats for a uniform look.  I hate seeing brush strokes!  The rafters and trim took me about five hours to complete, so I called it a day at that point.  I'm excited to come back and get to work applying the Stonington Gray wall paint and getting rid of the dreary hunter green!

Those Beams Take Time

Whew ... it took me two days to do the cutting in and painting the beams between the windows.  Using a roller on walls is so much easier and quicker!  I'm picky about straight lines, and my hand isn't steady enough to hand paint the lines, so I need to tape the trim and windows to have a clean look.  That's a lot of tape!  The final look is so much nicer with straight lines, though, so it's worth it to take the extra hour or so to apply tape.  I learned not to leave the tape on too long, but to take it off as soon as the paint is dry to the touch.  Otherwise, the tape grabs hold a bit more and you will occasionally lift up some of the dry paint with the tape if the tape takes a liking to the surface.  Removing tape is the best part!

sun room with painter's tape rehab therapy tom and val moody reliv distributors


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